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Unwavering Shores LLC

Preserving and Restoring

Shorelines of Wisconsin

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In state history, Wisconsin along with some other states signed something called the Public Trust Doctrine which deemed waters in those states as "common highways and forever free". This is why you hear the phrase "no one owns the water" and the same reason why everyone is allowed to use these waters. This was a wonderful decision by the State of Wisconsin. Some states in the U.S. don't have this type of law and lakes are fenced off and locked up blocking the public from use. The State of Wisconsin put the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in charge of upholding the Public Trust Doctrine and thus came various codes, one being "Shoreland Zoning", a statewide regulation of navigable waterbodies which restricted shoreline construction. These restrictions were things such as how close structures can be built to the water and how much clear cutting can be done.


Erosion of land near the water occurs naturally from rainfall and the lake water (movement and waves) but only to a certain extent, erosion beyond that extent occurs due to human development

such as the removal of vegetation for purposes of building a house and installing a lawn. The area where vegetation removal is the most critical is the area within 35' of the water. This area is known as the "Vegetation Zone" and serves these purposes: bank stabilization, slows the flow of pollutants towards the water giving them a chance to soak into the ground before reaching the lake, maintains natural habitat for vegetative dependent animals such as the Bald Eagle (our national bird) which nests so very close to the water, and allows for the natural falling of trees into the water which becomes habitat for fish and sun bathing turtles. As soil erodes, specifically sand (often from installed beaches) into the water it covers up fish beds killing fish eggs as well as clouding up the water which makes it hard for fish to see their prey and predators.

"Riprap" is anything used to armor shorelines against the water, the common thing used is rock. However, the best way to stop erosion is with vegetation because unlike rock it also provides habitat for wildlife/insects and metabolizes pollution.

The Environmental Consulting Firm That You Can Trust

Protect your waterfront investment, improve the quality of your lake, and enhance wildlife habitat with the help of Unwavering Shores LLC. Our firm does shoreline preservation and restoration services for clients in Wisconsin.  These services include:  Vegetative Plantings, Riprap (rocks to stop erosion), and Shoreland Mitigation (to meet regulatory requirements).

Building a home on a lake and getting confused with permit requirements?  WE CAN HELP.  LET US DEAL WITH THE HEADACHE.  CALL US TODAY.


Our owner started this business when he realized that he was passionate about environmental protection. He believes that both businesses and residential places must be mindful of the environmental impact and sustainability of every development project they undertake.

With our owner’s regulatory background and historical knowledge of water preservation in Wisconsin, we hope that we can help improve shorelines and the overall surface water quality across the state. 





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